Transfer to me

This service enables Sawa customers to request balance from their family and friends which have Sawa line or postpaid line using Budget control (*8) service. The recharged amount will be deducted from the balance of the line that transferred the amount.

  • Features

  • The service is available for active SAWA subscribers only.
    Maximum amount of transfer per day is unlimited.
    Minimum amount of transfer per transaction is SR5.
    Maximum amount of transfer per transaction is SR20.
    Maximum number of transactions available per day is unlimited.
    The amount transferred should be a multiple of 5 (5, 10, 15, 20).
  • Fees

  • SR0.5 per transaction
  • Activation

  • To request a transfer:
    The customer who wants to request a credit transfer:
    Send SMS to *170* (the mobile number that he wishes to receive credit from) * (the amount) * (the ID/Iqama number of the customer requesting the transfer) # to 1500.
    To accept or reject the transfer (the receiving party):
    After a customer receives an SMS with a credit transfer request from another customer, he or she can do the following:
    - Accept the transfer immediately by sending “Yes” in an SMS to 1500.
    - Change the requested amount by sending “Yes”(space)(New Amount) in an SMS to 1500.

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