Sawa Nonstop
Sawa Nonstop

As part of our efforts to provide customers with a continuous connection, we offer the Sawa Nonstop service that provides Sawa customers with 10 local minutes or a balance of SR 5.50 when their credit reaches zero. This balance is settled from their following credit recharge.

  • Features

  • The service is available for all Sawa customers except for Sawa Ziyara
    As a Sawa Nonstop service subscriber, you’ll receive an extra balance of SR 5.50 every time your credit reaches zero.
    This advance will be deducted from your balance the next time you recharge or receive credit through a credit transfer request. For example, if your balance is SR -3 and you recharge credit with SR 10, STC will deduct SR 3 from the recharged amount, so that SR 7 are left in your balance.
    You can use the extra credit for all Sawa services provided by STC, except for those that are not free (services with a monthly subscription fee) and the credit transfer service.
    The available amount can be used for emergency and other calls.
  • Fees

  • Free for all Sawa costars.
  • Activation

  • To activate To find out balance To deactivate
    Send 1055 to 900 Send command (* 166 #) and then will receive a message indicating the balance was negative or positive. Send 1056 to 900

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