Credit Transfer
Credit Transfer

This service enables you to exchange recharge the balance between any two Sawa numbers by sending an SMS.

  • Features

  • The service is available for active prepaid subscribers only.
    The credit sender has to have enough credit in his balance to transfer credit to others.
    20 riyals must be left in the credit sender balance after the transfer.
    Minimum amount of transfer per transaction is SR5 and the maximum is SR20.
    Maximum number of transactions available per day is unlimited .
    The amount transferred should be a multiple of 5 (5, 10, 15, 20).
  • Fees

  • SR0.5 per transaction
  • Activation

  • Method sender


    First method (New) Send an SMS to 1500 including *133* the recipient's number *the credit amount# After receiving an SMS confirming the credit transaction, the recipient must send an SMS to 1500 including: *133*ID number#
    Second method Send an SMS to 1500 including: *133* the recipient's number *the credit amount*the recipient's ID number# ــــــــــ

    When a credit is transferred to your mobile number, it does not increase the validity of your number
    To inquire about your number validity dial *166# call button

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