Budget Control
Budget Control
Budget Control service price is free

This service allows you to use Sawa recharge cards by switching your postpaid line to prepaid mode and make calls directly.

  • Features
  • Make voice and video calls even when your STC postpaid line is temporarily suspended.
    Make international calls even if you're not subscribed to the international calls service.
    Transfer credit to another user of this service or to a Sawa line and vice versa.
    Send voice SMS from your mobile.
    Separate business calls from personal calls.
    Control your post paid bill as calls made using this service are not listed on the bill.
    Sawa rates will apply if the Budget Control service is used.
  • Activation
  • Call 1500 to recharge your account with a prepaid card.
    To switch to Prepaid mode *800*1# ,then press “call”
    To switch back to postpaid *800*2# , then press “call”.
    To know your current mode *800*0# , then press “call”.
    To inquire about your balance *166# , then press “call”.

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