AlJawal Control
AlJawal Control
AlJawal Control service price is SR10

This service enables you high privacy for your relief.

  • Features

  • Managing this service is free of charge.
    You can define many lists of barred numbers in advance, and for each you can set the following:
    List of numbers to bar.
    When to bar (date & time).
    Type of incoming connections to bar (voice call, video call, SMS, MMS).
    Bar call or transfer it to your voice mail or to a number of your choice.
    Select a voice message you want your barred caller to hear.
    Option of receiving SMS giving details of the banned call.
    You can add numbers to the basic list of barred numbers, so any connection (call or SMS) from any of these numbers will be always and totally barred, and you will not hear anything.
    Specify the numbers from which you would like to receive connections on the list of allowed numbers, all other numbers will be barred.
    An option of activating the barring during roaming only.
    You can switch between the barred lists mode and allowed list mode.
    You can add a complete number, area code or international code to a list.
    You can pause this service temporarily and reactivate it later.

  • Fees

  • The monthly service fee is SR10.

  • Activation

  • You can activate the service through:
    The app My STC.
    Send an SMS with one of the following activation codes:

    Service Code
    To activate Send 8881 to 900
    To deactivate Send 8882 to 900
    Adding numbers to a barred list 8883, space, then the number to be added
    8883 0535000000
    Deleting numbers from a barred list 8884, space, then the number to be deleted
    8884 0535000000
    Adding numbers to an allowed list 8886, space, then the number to be added
    8886 0535000000
    Deleting numbers from an allowed list 8887, space, then the number to be deleted
    8887 0535000000
    Switching between barring mode 8890
    Switching between allowed mode 8891

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