SADA service price is SR5

This service allows the caller to hear a ringtone of your choice whilst calling you.

  • Features

  • You can dedicate a unique ring tone for a specific person or group.
    This service will work on any mobile device since all your ring tones are stored on Sada service system, and will be played by the service automatically.
    It also works while roaming at no additional cost.

  • Fees

  • Monthly subscription fee: SR5.
    Every Sada ringtone downloaded will cost SR5.
    For all SMSs and IVR calls to 1616 number will be charged as local calls and SMS.

  • Activation

  • To activate Sada service, send 1616 to 900.
    To deactivate Sada service, send 1617 to 900.
    Log in to My STC webpage.
    To browse and download ring tones after subscription:
    Call 1616
    Log in to Sada webpage.
    After having the required ringtone code, send an SMS to 1616 containing 22 followed by the code, "22code".
    To cancel and remove the ring tone from your library, send an SMS containing the number 33 followed by the ring tone code, " 33code ".
    Since Eid is finished, Can you change it with the below SADA Website

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