Upgrade to 3G
Upgrade to 3G
Upgrade to 3G service price is free

The user can get information about the way to change the settings of his device to use the 3G network by clicking on service activation button.

  • Features

  • Upgrade to 3G service speeds up your Internet browsing.
    Note: 3.5G services will only work in areas covered by the 3.5G network. If you travel to places outside the 3.5G network, you will still be able to use all other services.
  • Activation

  • You can exchange your SIM card at any STC sales office or authorized dealer.
    To change the network from 2G to 3G manually, perform the following steps:
    Go to main menu.
    Select settings.
    Click on Cellular or Network Settings.
    If your mobile is new, you can only turn 4G off and automatically your phone will select 2G or 3G depends on the strongest one in your area.
    If your mobile is old, you will be able to select 2G, 3G, so please select 3G to enjoy using the fast 3G network.

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