• Activation
  • You have to have call transfer feature before activating this service. (900)
    Dial (16000000) to configure the Voice mail. The system will guide you to configuration steps.
    Then transfer your incoming calls to your voice mail by choosing from the following three options:
    Divert To activate To deactivate
    When not answered *61*1111# #61#
    When line is busy *67*1111# #67#
    Immediate divert *21*1111# #21#

    You can activate both options (when no reply and when busy) together by entering the two options consecutively.
    To listen to your messages, you will hear a distinctive tone(message waiting indicator) on your phone whenever a message is received to listen to the received messages dial (16000000) from your telephone or dial (16010000) from any other fixed line phone or mobile or international.

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