Telegraph 969
Telegraph 969

Sending a telegraph by STC will be transmitted instantly

Express telegraph will be delivered within 6 hours. .
Normal telegraph inside the kingdom or to any Arab country, will be delivered within 24 hours.
Humanitarian telegraph is considered as an express one.
The official telegraph is only sent by the telephone owner.
Telegraphs are not able to be sent or received through Sawa numbers.
  • Fees

  • Express messages Local and national: SR1 per word and deliver in 6 hours.
    Normal messages Local and national: SR 0.50 per word and deliver in 24 hours.
    Normal messages to Arab country: SR 0.60 per word and deliver in 24 hours.
    Normal messages to Other countries: The respective amounts of those countries and deliver in 24 hours.
    Humanitarian cause telegraph is considered an express telegraph, and it is a free service.

    Call 969 from your mobile phone or landline.
    Send a fax to 969.
    Through MySTC website.
    Sending telegrams is not possible through prepaid numbers or numbers of other operators.

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