STC Wifi
STC Wifi

This service allows you to browse the internet on the move, using broadband Wi-Fi. It is available across more than 6000 locations within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Click here to check the coverage map.

  • Fees

  • Free of charge for internet packages customers
    Free of charge for Tamayouz customers
    Service offered to all mobile customers (Postpaid and SAWA) and 4G data SIM package customers, without additional fees
    To all customers (other operators) using SAWA recharge cards by category (SAR 10, 50, 100)

    Package Charge Amount
    1 Day 10SR
    1 Week 50SR
    1 Month 100SR
  • Activation
  • For Internet packages, package and Tamayouz customers and customers of other operators
    o Connect to STC Wi-Fi
    o Open your browser from the mobile, tablet, laptop, etc.
    o Select the method of use (Internet packages, Tamayouz, etc.) from the landing page
    o Follow the instructions
    For mobile customers (postpaid and SAWA) and 4G data SIM package customers
    o Send “wifi” or “واي فاي” to 2222 for the instructions for use, according to the mobile model*
    o Connect to stcwifi network**
    *Devices with IOS9.2 and Above are automatically configured.
    **The customer is granted free data equivalent to the size of his package.

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