Gain control of your STC accounts with the MySTC iPhone App.

Download MySTC App according to your device below:
  • Windows (New)
  • iOS (New)
    MySTC App for iOS
  • Android (New)
    MySTC App for iOS Android
  • BlackBerry Z10

New features for Android:
  • See supported Operators in different countries for your Internet Roaming Data
  • See your google play subscriptions through MySTC
  • See Full Freebies Information for your rate plan
  • Pay for your Quicknet Data Package using credit card
  • Transfer your Qitaf Points from your prepaid number
  • Check your technical visit appointment and change the visit date if needed directly from the app
  • Redesigned internet/roaming screens, now more elegant and user friendly
  • Added office/WiFi spot locations
  • Added ability to book appointments in branches from locations screen
  • Redesigned dashboard pages, now supports refresh, and supports adding more cards
  • Added ability to change Friends & Family numbers
  • Added Qitaf points transfer
  • Added Qitaf & Alfursan exchange program
  • Added Qitaf eVoucher
  • Added Qitaf points donation
  • Overall performance enhancements and bug fixes
  • Support for newest Android devices
  • Enhanced Arabic localization
  • Bill Management
  • Recharge prepaid numbers
  • Show bundles & services, and managing subscriptions
  • Single dashboard with all account information
  • Ability to pay bills & recharge prepaid numbers using your credit card
  • Live chat with support directly from the app
  • Send free SMS
  • Show Unbilled usage details

New update for iOS:
  • MySTC is available for Apple Watch, so you can check your Bookmarks directly.
  • See supported Operators in different countries for your Roaming Data
  • See your google account subscriptions
  • Transfer Qitaf Points from a prepaid to another prepaid number
  • Purchase Quicknet Data Package using credit card
  • Control your internet usage at home with Hatif Internet Control Service
  • Integrate your Twitter account with MySTC account
  • Technical Visit (Track your visit appointment and change it)
  • Change Qitaf primary number.
  • Separate local and roaming data usage and packages.
  • Combine bill setting with number setting into one screen in number dashboard.
  • Log in to MySTC with just a finger tap, using Touch ID
  • We take accessibility to another level on bookmark and number dashboard
  • Show remaining period for data package in day, hours, and up to minutes.
  • Ability to enable/disable receiving STC newsletter on registration.
  • Ability to subscribe to Jood keys within Jood package change.
  • Online chat is part of MySTC app, chat with agent will be inside the app.

  • Ability to retrieve your Username/Password information either on email or mobile number.
  • Online Chat.
  • Report Problem for guests (continue without login).
  • Ability to change DSL account password.
  • Ability to change DSL account password.
  • Ability to bills using credit cards.
  • Recharge Sawa using Postpaid balance.
  • Browse special offers that related to your mobile number.
  • Use Friends & Family service in Sawa numbers.
  • Control you bill setting ( Stop paper bill, Change credit limit, Transfer to monthly bill).
  • Qitaf registration (Register to Qitaf directly from the App).
  • Control your Qitaf’s points ( AlFursan program, eVouchers).
  • Watch STC WIFI locations on maps.
  • Show device package’s expiration date.
  • Send scheduled SMS through MySTC.
  • Notification service. (iOS)

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