Dawri Plus

The Dawri Plus is the reference for SPL lovers in Saudi Arabia - it will be the one-stop shop for all football fans in the Kingdom. It’s an exclusive service for STC customers. Fans can "control their experience" - they are not spectators anymore, but they are also actors. Fans can enjoy SMS/ MMS services in addition to Web and app services

  • Features

  • As a fan you will be able to watch the games live on your computer, tablet or smartphone. It's also offering to watch up to 4 games at the same time.
    Full DVR functionalities - where you can pause, and replay shots of the game.
    You will have access to the live play by play feed of the game.
    You will be able to add comments on the games' main events as well as share the most exciting game actions through your social media accounts.
    In-depth access to a wide array of statistics updated in real time (team stats, player stats, formations, tactics, heat maps showing the area of influence of the players on the pitch, etc…).
    Goal alerts from other games.
    Timeline which displays the major events of the games - to go back and watch them.
  • Fees

  • SMS/ MMS service:
    To subscribe to the free Dawri Plus package, send an SMS message with the code 1 to the number 806655. The subscription is free.
    To subscribe to other channels and your preferred club channel, send an SMS with the code of the channel according to the table below to 806655.
    The subscription fee is SR0.65 per day and per channel.





    Dawri Plus Free Channel 1 Rakaa League 2
    Other Competitions 3 Al Helal 5
    Al Nasr 6 Al-Ittihad 7
    Al-Ahli 8 Al-Shabab 9
    Al-Khaleej 10 Al Oroba 11
    Al-Raed 12 Al-Taawon 13
    Al Faisaly 14 Al-Fateh 15









  • Activation

  • Dawri Plus enables all fans of the Saudi Professional League to watch all matches live and in an interactive way through Dawri Pluswebsite (available in Arabic only) or the Dawri Plus applications, which are available for mobile phones and tablets with iOS or Android operating systems.
    To know the channels send the code 806655 to the number 902.
    To download the app for free, please select your operating system:
    dawri plusdawri plus

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