Qitaf & Booking

Booking.com is a leading provider of online accommodation booking services worldwide. More than one million rooms are booked daily at the lowest prices and with the best options.
Booking.com provides more than 900,700 different worldwide accommodations across hotels, apartments and resorts in 223 states and regions.

  • Customers can earn one point for every SAR 10 paid for hotel bookings. The points may be automatically added to the customer’s credit after checking out of the hotel.
  • Currently, the service is only available for Qitaf postpaid customers.
  • Points are added within 30 days of hotel check-out. An SMS will be sent to the customer when the points are added.

Note: In order for the customer to receive QITAF points for hotel booking, the booking should be done through the partnership link:
For more information, send ‘Booking’ to 900.

As an STC customer, you can use Qitaf points to pay for your purchases on Souq.com. To benefit from this service, kindly subscribe to the e-vouchers program by Qitaf.

How to Reserve:

1- Log in to 2- Click on the ad indicating the partnership with STC.
3- Choose the hotel and room you’d like to book, you will be directed to the guest data entry page, and then click continue.
4- On the payment page, fill out the required data and the payment options.
Customers must enter correct data (first name/family name/mobile number in 05XXXXXXXX format, so that points are correctly added for the customer. Points will be added within 30 days from the hotel check-out date.