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Offer features

Home internet bundles offer you unlimited internet and landline calls to any landline within the kingdom. You have the chance to win a one year free home internet when you fill the below form.


It’s the latest data transfer technology, providing high-speed connection at up to 200 Mbps.

Jawal Key

Jawal Key is an amazing add-on that lets you call your friends and family on their mobiles to your heart’s content, for a fixed monthly flat fee. It could greatly reduce both your phone and Jawal bills.

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Subscription method:

  • We treat privacy seriously, we won’t share your information with anyone.
  • When you participate, you will get a chance to enter a withdraw where 5 winners will get a free internet home subscription (up to 20 Mega) for one year.
  • If you won and got already STC subscription, the prize will be a 4G router and 1TB valid for one year as a replacement.
  • If you won and got no STC network in your area, we will replace your prize with a 4G router and 1TB valid for one year.

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