Saudi Telecom Company (STC) collaborates with Oberthur Technologies (OT) and Huawei to pioneer solutions around eSIM technologies
Saudi Telecom Company (STC), a leading global telecom operator, Oberthur Technologies (OT), a leading global provider of embedded security software products and services, and Huawei, a leading global ICT solutions provider, have teamed up to be a pioneer in the introduction of remote subscription management solutions and develop new opportunities around eSIM technology.
In this regard, STC is proud to announce that eSIM trial has been conducted successfully using GSMA compliant subscription management platform from OT and Huawei smartwatch. The eSIM technology allows users to order, install, and activate profiles over the air in a seamless, secure, and convenient way. It also brings additional advantage for smartwatch users as it enable them to make calls directly from the smartwatch even if the mobile phone is offline.
OT’s solution is compliant with the GSMA roadmap and has exceptional pioneering tier 1 references in Europe and across the globe. OT offers end-to-end solution to securely and remotely change and manage subscriptions, with minimum impact on MNOs systems and infrastructures.
Nasser Al-Nasser, Senior Vice President, Technology and Operations, STC, said: “We are delighted about our collaboration with OT and Huawei to pave the way for the new wave of connected M2M and Consumers’ devices. We think that OT’s subscription management solutions and Huawei smartwatches will accelerate the introduction of eSIM technology and open new business opportunities”.
Pierre Barrial, Managing Director of the Mobile Network Operators business at OT, said: “OT is thrilled to have been selected by the largest ICT services provider in the MENA Region, and to continue its collaboration with Huawei. OT’s role is to offer the most efficient and most secure technologies possible, capable of responding to the needs of OEMs, MNOs and consumers. OT is proud to demonstrate the 1st subscription management reference in the MENA Region together with STC and Huawei”. "]]>
Mar 14, 2017 12:00:00 AM Asia/Riyadh
STC wins the Speed test Award for SAUDI ARABIA'S FASTEST MOBILE internet for the second time
On the sidelines of the participation of STC in Mobile World Congress Barcelona held in Spain and proving the leadership of STC in the field of high-speed internet with highest quality standards, Speed test website owned by Ookla Company emphasized that STC network is still the fastest mobile network in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This recognition, for the second year successively, proves the leadership of STC in the field of high-speed internet with highest quality standards. Thus STC continues its excellence by wining Speed test Award for SAUDI ARABIA'S FASTEST MOBILE internet for the second time.
Engineer Abdullah Al Kanhal, vice-president of the Marketing Department in the consumer unit, has received the trophy presented by Ookla company through the Mobile World Congress Barcelona. This award is offered by Ookla which enables measuring of the speed through Speed test for the internet, Android-operated devices, I-phones and other smart phones operating systems. This outcome has been achieved through Speed test, a platform that offers more than 50 million internet speed tests all over the world every month and sees the participation of all providers of internet services all over the world.
This Award is based on more than 2 million results registered in Speed test and achieved by the mobile internet users across the Saudi Arabia. These data showed that STC is still ahead of all mobile internet providers in the Saudi Arabia with the highest average speed. “Winning the Speed test Award for SAUDI ARABIA'S FASTEST MOBILE NETWORKS for the second time successively, STC proves its pioneering role and great attention for its through developing its services in a continuous way that caters to their aspirations in having his-speed internet services, with an excellent coverage range for the inhabited areas, in implementation of its slogan “Better Network...Wider Coverage” and with speeds up to 150 Megabit/second”, said Al Kanhal.
“We are pleased to announce STC as the winner of the Speed test Award for SAUDI ARABIA'S FASTEST MOBILE internet for the second time. This continuous achievement is considered an evidence of its commitment to provide its clients with the fastest and strongest service and network”, said Mr. Jamie Steven, Chief Operating Officer of Ookla, upon winning the award.
It’s worth mentioning that STC was the first mobile operator that adopted the 4G LTE Network in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East and North Africa region as a whole in 2014, with the recognition of international association of mobile operators GSMA. Moreover, 4G LTE Network services from STC witness fast and astonishing progress that reflects the great attention for this modern technology through investment in developing the infrastructure of wireless network, enhancing its outreach and providing the latest global technologies. "]]>
Mar 05, 2017 12:00:00 AM Asia/Riyadh
Dr. Abdullah Bin Hasan Alabdulqader is the STC’s Chairman of the Board of Directors
Saudi Telecom Company (STC) announced Dr. Abdullah Bin Hasan Alabdulqader as the STC's Chairman of the Board of Directors during the first meeting in its sixth session that been held on the evening of Monday, 15/7/1436 H corresponding to 04/05/2015 AD, and naming the Sub-committee depending on the functions and the approved authorities.

It is worth mentioning that Dr. Abdullah bin Hassan Alabdulqader is a member of number of other boards of directories and commissions. He is a head of Advisory Committee in the Capital Market Authority, and a member of Quality of Assurance Committee in the Organization for Certified Public Accountants. Dr. Alabdulqader worked as a professor at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, and was a member first Council administration of STC, and was a member of the first board of the Capital Market Authority, and Dr.Alabdulqader holds a Bachelor and Master of Business administration from King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, and a PhD from the University of Colorado, USA. "]]>
May 05, 2015 12:00:00 AM Asia/Riyadh
STC Participates in World Autism Awareness Day
Keen on supporting all members of the Saudi society, STC has participated in the World Autism Awareness Day, which took place at the Intellectual Education Institute (Alfekryah) in Taif.

Guests included high-ranking representatives of both private and public sectors in Taif, such as Deputy Governor Ahmad Al Thamiry and the General Manager of Education in Taif, Mohammed Al Shimrani.

Commanding our company for effectively participating in the World Autism Awareness Day, Al Thamiry presented an honorary plaque STC, while Al Shimrani praised the telecom giant for constantly seeking to empower children with special needs across the Kingdom. "]]>
Apr 16, 2015 12:00:00 AM Asia/Riyadh

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