Prepaid Mobile line
Shop in Google Play, Pay through STC
Now with STC you can buy applications and software from Google Play store and pay via mobile postpaid bill or prepaid credit very easily
Prepaid Offers

Plan Plan Details/ Package Valid For Subscription Fee To Subscribe
Sawa 10
900 on network minutes
600 MB data package
300 on network messages
1 Day SR10
Text 8111 to 900
Through MySTC page
Sawa 59
3000 on network minutes
3000 MB data package
1000 on network messages
7 Days SR59
Text 8333 to 900
Through MySTC page
Sawa 199
6000 on network minutes
6000 MB data package
2000 on network messages
30 Days SR199
Text 8666 to 900
Through MySTC page

  • This offer is valid till 15/08/2015