Prepaid Mobile line
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Now with STC you can buy applications and software from Google Play store and pay via mobile postpaid bill or prepaid credit very easily
Hajj Offer 200% from Sawa Ziyara

Double the credit 200% with the first charge

Recharge card 200% Credit upon recharge Additional Credit Validity
10 20 3 days
20 40 3 days
30 60 3 days
50 100 7 days
100 200 7 days
200 400 7 days
300 666 7 days

This offer is from "Sawa Ziyara" for new customers. Making use of the free additional credit is limited to calls and SMS Easynet inside the STC network.

Sawa Ziyara SIM Cards:

It is a prepaid SIM card from STC enables customers (in a holiday, business trip, Hajj or Omra) to contact their beloved ones inside or outside the KSA only for 30 SAR

Sawa Ziyara Advantages:

Includes a credit of 25 SAR. Avoids the international roaming fees.

Sawa Ziyara Prices:
Service Fees
All local calls 0٫60SAR/min
International Calls As of 0٫55 SAR/min
Local and International SMS 0٫25 SAR
Easynet (Internet Pay-As-You-Go) 2 SAR/MB

How to get the SIM Card :

You can get the SIM Card by visiting the Sales Office.

Recharge Cards:

You can recharge the SIM Card by using the recharge card of 10 SAR, 20 SAR, 30 SAR, 50 SAR, 100 SAR, 200 SAR, 300 SAR.

Sawa Ziyara SIM Card Validity:
  • Valid for 60 days as of the activation date. After that, the SIM Card will be cancelled automatically.
  • The SIM Card validity shall not be extended with each recharge process.