Prepaid Mobile line
Prepaid Offers
  • Sawa Recharge

  • Offer Details:
    No subscription needed
    Internet is valid for 7 days after recharge
    The basic balance is not affected by using the free Internet offer
    The customer is able to accumulate uses with multiple recharges
    Recharges that are closest to expiry will be used first

    Offer is for SAWA Prepaid customers
    Offer validity till December 31st 2014
    30 and 200 Riyal vouchers are available through EVD*

    Recharge amount Free Internet Validity of the offer (from recharge date) Remaining balance (Riyal)
    10 Not Available - 10
    20 200 MB 7 Days 20
    30* 300 MB 7 Days 30
    50 500 MB 7 Days 50
    100 1 GB 7 Days 100
    200* 2 GB 7 Days 200
    300 3 GB 7 Days 333
    * Electronic Voucher Distribution and Banks
  • Prepaid Offers

    • Now when you subscribe to any Sawa package you’ll enter the draw for a chance to win one of 30 brand-new Golf GTI cars.

    New offers available on calls, data plans and social media for Sawa customers
    Offer Details:
    Customers can subscribe multiple times during offer period
    If a user subscribes to more than one offer, all offers features will remain valid until the end of the longest offer.
    Customers can inquire about free credit by dialing *166*9#
    Offer is valid for new and existing prepaid customers
    Customers can use free balance for on network calls and data usage only. Free balance cannot be transferred

    Plan Plan Details/ Package Valid For Subscription Fee To Subscribe
    Sawa 10
    300 on network minutes
    300 on network messages
    200 MB data package
    24 Hours SR10
    Text 8111 to 902
    Through My STC page
    Sawa 30
    SR150 credit for in-network calls and data
    7 Days SR30
    Text 8222 to 902
    Through My STC page
    Sawa 59
    1000 on network minutes
    1000 on network messages
    1000 MB data package
    7 Days SR59
    Text 8333 to 902
    Through My STC page
    Sawa 99
    Unlimited BBM10 usage
    1000 MB data package
    300 on network minutes
    300 on network messages
    30 Days SR99
    Text 8444 to 902
    Through My STC page
    Sawa 119
    2000 in-network minutes
    30 Days SR119
    Text 8555 to 902
    Through My STC page
    Sawa 199
    2000 on network minutes
    2000 on network messages
    2000 MB data package
    30 Days SR199
    Text 8666 to 902
    Through My STC page