Prepaid offers

Sawa Super is a new offer that provides you with the lowest on-net calling rate of 15 Halalas/ minute.
The subscription fee is SR 1 per day, which will be added to the calling charges of the first on-net call of the day.
Offer Benefits
  • More than 70% discount on the on-net calling minute rate
  • The SR 1 will only be charged once upon the first on-net call of the day .
  • You can subscribe and unsubscribe by sending an SMS to 902.

Activation and Deactivation:
To subscribe to the service: Send 7015 to 902
To unsubscribe from the service: Send 7016 to 902
Offer Validity:
This offer is valid for 3 months starting from 16 March 2014.
If the first call of the day is a call to another network or an international call, will the SR 1 be charged?
No, the SR 1 will only be charged if your first call is an on-net call.
Example: If a subscriber made 3 on-net calls in the following order: a call for 2 minutes; a call for part of a minute and a call for 3 minutes, how will the customer be charged?
The customer will be charged SR 1.15 for the first call, 15 Halalas for the second call and 45 Halalas for the third call.