The newest addition to Sawa recharge cards

Recharge Form

How to Recharge:

  • Use the form above to recharge online.
  • Recharge cards: Enter *155* recharge card number #, then press 'call'
  • Recharge by sending an SMS to 1500: Send an SMS to 1500 including *155* recharge card number#
  • Call 1500 choose 'Recharge' from the menu, and enter the recharge card number
  • To recharge your SAWA from a postpaid line: send an SMS to 900 as follows: *144*(Number of the line you would like to recharge)*(amount)#

Other Recharge methods:

  • through All Saudi Bank:

    • Your Bank app on your mobile device
    • Your Bank ATM machine
    • Calling your Bank service number.
  • You can recharge with the credit card.

  • Through direct payment using Mada Card, Visa Credit Card or MasterCard when registering to My STC.

It is available in our sales offices, in addition to the below retail stores:

  • Extra
  • Jarir
  • C4
  • Sasco
  • Mawaseem
  • One - Card
  • Tamimi
  • The electronic recharge devices available across the Kingdom.
Recharge card Price * VALIDITY PERIOD
Sawa 15 Recharge card 15.75 SR 7 Days
Sawa 20 Recharge card 21 SR 30 Days
Sawa 25 Recharge card 26.25 SR 30 Days
Sawa 30 Recharge card 31.5 SR 45 Days
Sawa 50 Recharge card 52.5 SR 60 Days
Sawa 100 Recharge card 105 SR 120 Days
Sawa 200 Recharge card 210 SR 150 Days
Sawa 300 Recharge card 315 SR 300 Days
* 5% VAT Included
* Electronic Voucher Distribution and Banks

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