Linking Sawa recharge with the ID number

CITC has announced that entering a user’s ID number together with a prepaid card number, would be mandatory to charge a cell phone’s credit starting from Friday 12/11/1433H, 28th September, 2012.

* All customers are urged to visit the nearest STC sales office to update their records.

service codes

Validity Period Value
5 Days SR10
30 Days SR20
45 Days SR30(EVD)*
60 Days SR50
120 Days SR100
150 Days 200SR (EVD)*
300 Days SR300
* Electronic Voucher Distribution and Banks

How to Recharge:

  • Use the form below to recharge online.
  • Recharge cards: Enter *155* recharge card number* ID number#, then press 'call'
  • Recharge by sending an SMS to 1500: Send an SMS to 1500 including *155* recharge card number* ID number#
  • Call 1500 choose 'Recharge' from the menu, and enter the recharge card number and then your ID number
  • To recharge your SAWA from postpaid line: send an SMS to 900 as follows: *144*(Number of the line number you want to recharge)*(amount)*(ID Number or Residence Number related to the number you want to recharge)#

Recharge Form

  • Valid ID Types:

    • Saudi National ID
    • Iqama
    • Passport

Other Recharge methods:

  • through All Saudi Bank:

    • Your Bank app on your mobile device
    • Your Bank ATM machine
    • Self-deposit machine (for non - Bank customers)
    • Calling your Bank service number.
  • You can recharge with the credit card.

  • You can recharge your Sawa directly through My STC with Visa/MasterCard.

It is available in our sales offices, in addition to the below retail stores:

  • Extra
  • Jarir
  • C4
  • Sasco
  • Mawaseem
  • One - Card
  • Tamimi
  • The electronic recharge devices available across the Kingdom.


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