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Receiving calls Package for Scholarships Countries
Roaming vacation package is a package allow postpaid customers to receive unlimited calls while traveling abroad during official KSA vacations periods, this package work in the most important destinations for our customers.
Internet roaming packages

With the Internet packages from STC, you can benefit from the best prices and various features that meet all customer needs while roaming. The following packages are for both postpaid and prepaid as well as prepaid data SIM cards. With these packages you can browse the Internet and use the BBM service while roaming. To enjoy the BlackBerry service, please make sure that you're subscribed to the main BlackBerry service.

Data Package Volume Price Validity Activation Code How to subscribe For package Status Countries and operators list
Daily 100 MB 24 SAR 24 Hours 6319
  • Sending package code to 902
  • Visiting : WAP .
  • Using STC application MY STC for smart phones.
  • Calling 902.
  • Visiting STC website (MY STC account).
  • Using STC application MY STC
  • For postpaid Visit : WAP
    Or send 2220 to 902
  • For prepaid Visit WAP
  • Send 6350 to 902.
  • Visit WAP
  • See the below table.
Weekly 1 GB 99 SAR 7 Days 6320
Monthly 2 GB 250 SAR 30 Days 6321

  • After receiving an SMS confirmation of your subscription, please terminate your Internet connection and restart it.
  • Before you subscribe to the package, please make sure that the country that you’re planning to travel to is included in the package country list by sending 6350 to 902.
  • Please make sure that you select the operator manually to avoid any additional cost.
  • In order to avoid any additional costs, we recommend that you check the package status to know if your package has been consumed or is expired by using one of the channels mentioned in the above table.
  • You can track the volume of used data by using My STC App or visit My STC website.

list of countries and operators below: