International Services
Internet Roaming Packages
Enjoy Internet packages provided by STC at the best rates and with several options; that meets your needs while roaming, all of the following packages are working with postpaid numbers, Sawa, and Quicknet prepaid. Packages include browsing Internet, BlackBerry while traveling, and to enjoy BlackBerry please make sure your subscribed in BlackBerry basic.

Data Package Price Volume Validity Activation Code
Day SR40 200MB 24 Hours 6401
Week SR150 2GB 7 Days 6402
Month SR350 4GB 30 Days 6403

How to Subscribe For Package Status Countries and Operators List
  • My STC application
  • postpaid
    - WAP website
    -Or send 2220 to 902
  • For prepaid Visit WAP
  • Send 6350 to 902
  • Visit WAP
  • See the below list

  • After receiving an SMS confirmation of your subscription, turn off your Internet connection and turn it on again.
  • Before you subscribe to the package, please make sure that the country you’re planning to travel to is included in the package country list by sending 6350 to 902.
  • Please make sure that you select the operator manually to avoid any additional cost.
  • In order to avoid any additional costs, we advice you to check the package status through one of the two ways below:
  • Through MySTC app.
  • Through My STC.

List of countries and operators below: