Top Features

  • Windows Phone 8.1 with Lumia Denim
  • 5.7” Touch Screen (720*1280 pixels)
  • 13MP + LED flashcamera
  • Front Camera : 5MP FF Front Camera
  • 8 GB ROM ; 1 GB RAM ; microSD, up to 128GB (15GB free OneDrive cloud storage)
  • G-Sensor, Gyroscope, Ambient Light, Proximity, Accelerometer Sensor
  • FM radio
  • Micro-Sim
  • 157.9 x 81.5 x 9 mm; 171g
  • Black & White Color


Package features Postpaid 100 Postpaid 200 Postpaid 400 Postpaid 1000
Voice calls minutes inside the network 500 mints Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Data Package / Monthly 1GB 3GB Unlimited Unlimited
Device Price 12 month SR549 SR249 Free Free
Device Price 18 month SR399 Free Free Free
Monthly Subscription SR100 SR200 SR400 SR1000
Device Price without Smart Devices plans SR849.


Customers eligible for a smartphone with the bundles

The customer can receive the device with the new postpaid bundles and a cash discount as follows:

  • Customers rated one star or more can receive the smartphone with a cash discount for postpaid 100 and postpaid 200 packages.
  • Customers rated three stars or more can receive the smartphone with a cash discount for postpaid 400 and postpaid 1000 packages.

Ineligible Customers:

In case the customer is ineligible for a direct discount, the price of the smartphone can be paid in cash when signing the contract. The price of the smartphone will be deducted from the monthly bill according to the contractual period and discount value

Discounts on smartphones as per the package and the contractual period

Bundle Postpaid 100 Postpaid 200 Postpaid 400 Postpaid 1000
Highest limit of deduction (The amount of cash retrieval) for 12 month subscription contract 300 SR 600 SR 1800 SR 3500 SR
Highest limit of deduction (The amount of cash retrieval) for 18 month subscription contract 450 SR 900 SR 2700 SR N/A


  • All the above-mentioned is subject to STC customer segmentation and the availability of devices.
  • In case the customer wants to end the contract after changing to a new package, a cancellation fee will be charged according to the original package to which the customer is already subscribed.

Changing your Device

In case the customer is subscribed to one of the new postpaid packages (postpaid100 – postpaid 200 – postpaid 400), then he can change his device by terminating the current contract. The customer must pay the discount amount remaining of the contract duration for the remaining months, and then choose a new device.

Contract Cancellation

If the customer desires to cancel the contract, he must pay the remaining amount of the device price according to the device package in the following manner:

  • For the Postpaid smart devices packages: the value of the discount given to the customer would be divided by the number of months of the original contract term. The result will be multiplied by the number of remaining months.


A customer with special needs is receiving a discount on one of the old plans and now upgrades to a Postpaid plan; will the discount continue or should it be re-activated?

The discount continues and doesn’t need to be re-activated.

What if I got a monthly discount and now want to cancel the contract?

You can cancel the contract immediately without paying any penalty fees, and the monthly discount will be stopped immediately.

Do I have to pay the amount in cash?

No. if you cancel the contract, the amount due will be added to the bill. The employee can print a payment request from Tawasul. Note that any payments from the customer will be used to settle this amount first.

Do I have to pay a penalty fee if I want to cancel the smart devices contract?

There is no penalty fee for canceling the contract. However, if you received a cash discount, you will have to repay it over the number of remaining months of the contract duration. Example:

  • A customer got a cash discount
  • Postpaid 400 plan
  • The contract duration is 18 months
  • The device price is SR2,000
  • The discount value paid to the customer is SR2,000 in cash
  • Cancellation period: after 9 months
  • The customer will pay SR1,000, which is the remaining amount of the discount for the remaining months of the contract duration.
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