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Special Offers
Jood 77 offer

Package Original Price Offer price (For 2 months)
JoodNet 10M 149 SR 77 SR
Jood2 10M 199 SR 77 SR
Jood3 10M 224 SR 77 SR

  • Now you can subscribe to Jood 3 (10MB), Jood 2 (10MB) or Jood Net (10MB) for only SR 77/month for the first two months.
  • Enjoy high-speed Internet with the latest technologies, such as ADSL, VDSL or FTTH. In addition, all new subscribers as well as Hatif 30, Hatif 45 and Jood 1 customers receive free installation and a free modem.
  • This offer fee is applicable only to the first two months starting from the start date of the subscription. After that, the regular monthly subscription fee applies. The offer is valid from 25 January to 25 April 2015. All packages included in the offer come with a 24-month contract.