With e-bill, you can receive, view and pay your bills online; and of course, make your own contribution to save the environment. E-bills have more benefits and features than paper bills. For example, you can use charts and diagrams to analyze bill details and usage and find ways to reduce payments. E-bills are archived in your My STC account, which means you can view and print them at any time.
Keep reading to know the complete benefits of switching to e-bill, or watch this video to see how e-bills are good for you and great for the environment.
Why choose e-bill?
Paperless Environment-friendly alternative to paper bills with more features and benefits.
Convenience our My STC account archives bills up to 6 months. Just save a PDF copy of your bill and print it anytime.

Quick Instantly access your bills on your computer or smartphone via the My STC portal or App.
Options Pay your bills online by credit card (Visa or MasterCard).

Savings Analyze charts and diagrams – e.g., top outbound numbers – and find ways to reduce payments.
Rewards Get 40 Qitaf points after switching to e-bill.

Safety It’s good for your privacy. Bill details are visible only to you.
Subscribe Switch now: It’s easy to make e-bill your first choice.

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