STC Self-service Machine

We are pleased to offer our valued customers a self-service machine. You may activate postpaid services, prepaid services and landlines, paying bills, exchanging SIM cards and other services through the machine as follows:

1Manage services:

  • Postpaid Line.
  • Sawa Prepaid Line.
  • Postpaid QUICKnet.
  • Prepaid QUICKnet.
  • Postpaid Plans (50, 100, 200, 400, 800).
  • Prepaid Plans (Sawa 25).
  • You may recharge Sawa Prepaid Plans or Postpaid Plans by selecting any of these amounts* (10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 200, 300), after having verified the type of available document on the self-service machine. You can recharge using credit cards (Visa, MasterCard).

2Printing bills:

You may print your bills:

  • Print a summary bill
  • Send a detailed bill to customers via email.


You may pay your bills directly without registering in self-services:

  • *Pay mobile bills.
  • *Pay landline bills.
  • *Pay Data SIM.

4SIM Cards:

You may get a new SIM card, replace lost SIM card and view the details of SIM numbers.

*5% VAT will be added to the total amount of the bill.

Self-service machines are available in more than 190 customer service offices and select public locations at some malls and airports in KSA.


Office Number
Intersection of Prince Mohammed bin Abdul Aziz Street with King Fahd Road 1
Imam Mohammed Bin Saud Road, next to King Abdulaziz Coplex for Telecommunication 3
Intersection of Khurais Road & Salman Alfarisi Street/td> 1
Southern Ring Road, next to Saud Sport Center 1
King Khalid International Airport 1
Aloraija District - Exit 29 2
Aldiriyah Provinces 2
King Abdulaziz Road-Exit.5 1
Hamra - King Abdullah Road 2
Al Malaz-60 ST 1
Al Qaser 1
Al Mursalat-Jawal Market 1
Al Shefa-60 ST 1
Al Takhasosi-Jawal Market 1
Othaim 1
Panorama Mall 1
Al Sharq 1
Exit 15 ST 1


Office Number
Albedaei 1
Riyadh AlKhabra 1

Al Duwadmi

Office Number
Al Duwadmi Main Rd 1
Alnile Alabyad ST 1

Al Jouf

Office Number
Alolaya District - Alakhtal ST Infront of The Post Office 1
King Faysal Road 1

Hawtat Sudair

Office Number
King Abdulaziz Road 1

Al Majma'a

Office Number
Majma'a 1


Office Number
Al Kornaish - Pr Turki Rd 1
Northern Khobar-King Fahd ST 2
Al Montazah-Custodian of The Two Holy Mosques Road 3
King Fahd Road - Al Majdoui Tower 1
Al Anoud - Pr Nayef ST 1
Alaqrabiyah District 1
Alkhobar - Alrashid Mall 1
King Khalid Road 1
Almothalath District 1
Alshati District 1
Ash Shati Algharbi-King Abdullah Road 1
AlRafiyah 1


Office Number
Alfanateer - Alfanateer Mall 1
King Faisal ST 1
Main Road 1
Al Balad - King Abdulaziz 1


Office Number
Panda 1
Infront of Alahsa National Park 1
Al Dhahran Mall 1
Taroot - Aldakhl Almahdoud 1
Aramco 1
Aldoha District 1
King Abdulaziz Road 1
AlThybiyah 1


Office Number
Arar 1
King Fahd Road 1

Al Kharj

Office Number
Main King Fahad Road 1

Hafar Al Baten

Office Number
AlNamoothajy 1
King Abdulaziz Road - Next to Albilad Bank 1
King Abdulaziz Road 1


Office Number
Alsalhiyah District - in front of Court 1
Almurooj District in front of Dar Alraai School 1
Duba Province - Almatar District Etisalat ST 1
Haql Province - Dhahrah District in front of Alrajhi Mosque 1
Alwajh Umloj Road 1


Office Number
Alaziziyah Next to Shaikh Bin Baz Mosque 1
Alomra Next to Itisalat Complex 1
Next to STC Warehouse 1
Bin Zaid ST 1
Abdullah Oraif ST 1
Alnoor Mountain - Next to Jareer Bookstore 1
Almansour ST - in front of Monetary Agency 1
ibrahim al-khalil ST next dar al-tawheed hotel 1
Alawali District - Alfajr Commertial Complex 1
Alhatif ST - Next to Alrajhi Bank 1


Office Number
Next to the Ministry of Interior 1
Almadinah Road - Alsalamah District 1
Alsahafah ST - Mosharrafah District 2
Aljamjoom Commertial Center - Palastine ST - Alhamra District 1
Abdulaziz Albrahim ST in front of Almurjan Mall 1
Alkornaish ST After Sheraton Hotel - Attallah Center 1
Heraa Mall - Heraa ST 1
Alhejra Road - Alduf District Next to Court 1
In front of Rabigh Main Hospital 1
Old Makkah Road - in front of Bin Laden ST 1
Alsitteen ST - Alrowais District 1
Al Tahleya ST 1
Prince Sultan ST 2
New Plastine ST - Saudi Tech 1
Al Salhiya - Palastine ST 1
Red Sea Mall 1
Jeddah Airport - North Term 1
Jeddah Airport - Domestic Term 1
Falasteen 1
AlRawthah 1


Office Number
The Intersection between Prince Abdulmajeed Road & King Abdulaziz Road 1
Abu Bakr Alsiddiq Road - Near Islamic University 1
South of the Holly Mosque of Madinah - Behind Courts Complex 1
Second Ring Road - King Abdullah Road - in front of Kitabat Aladel Althaniyah 1
Communication Complex at Abaar Ali - in front of German Hospital 1
North of the Holy Mosque of Madinah - in front Hilton Hotel 1
Aljumaa District - Prince Abdulmajeed ST - Rawabi Qiba Center 1
Alsokhayrat - Next to Civil defense 1
Madinah Tabuk Main Road 1
Southern Ring Road - Next to Almahd Foodstuffs - Southern from Police Station 1
Alhijra Road 1
The Intersection between Alhizam Road & Alqaim High way 1
Noor Mall 1
Al Siddiq 1
Makkah Al Awali 1


Office Number
Asir Mall 1


Office Number
Alqura District - Main Road 1
Alshayqah District - Almatar ST 1
Alshayqah District - Almatar ST 1
Alnasbaa District - Main Road 1
Intersection of King Fahad Road and King Abdulaziz Road 1
Qolwah Main Road 1
Alhawiyah ST 1
Almakarmah District - Almostashfa ST 1
Al Emam Mohammed 1


Office Number
King Abdulaziz Road 1
Abu Saq Complex 1
Hobona Main Road 1
Royal Center Mall - 2nd floor 1
Main Road - Government Departments Complex 1
Prince Mishaal District - Hamza Bin Abdulmuttalib ST 1
Aba ElSoud 1


Office Number
Prince Migren ST 1
Alonayanh ST 1
Jeddah ST 1


Office Number
Corniche ST 1
Airport Road 1
Next to Civil Defense 1
Aldowali Main Road 1
Region Mall (King Fahd-Prince Sultan ST) 1
Next to Mobile Complex 1


Office Number
Ajaa District 1
Aljamiyeen District 1
Main Road on Alhayit 1
Western Ring Road - Next to Almosaadiyah Building 1
Prince Sultan-Hail 1

Khamees Mushait

Office Number
Alkhamees Avenue Mall 1
Alsharafiyah District - Old Airport Road 1


Office Number
Royal Phone Mall – Bishah 1
Aseer ST Behind the Municipality 1
Down Town 1


Office Number
Downtown King Abdulaziz Road 1
Ali Bin Abi Taleb ST - South of Othaim Market 1


Office Number
Industrial Area - in front of Unted motors Compny 1
Aljaish ST Next to Samba Bank 1
Alkhaldiyah District - King Saud ST Next to Celebration Hall 1
Alnuzha District - Next to Ranyah Municipality 1
Airport Road - in front of Taif University 1
Nuzha ST 1
Obaikan Mall 1
AlSail 1

Self-Service Machines Technical Support

All self-service machines receive technical support. You can request technical support through two steps, and the response will be provided within one hour from the request registration. You can follow up on your request through the following sales channels:

Email Support

Send an email to

inquiries and information

please feel free to contact us.Sales General Department at

Help and Support

We are happy to help you


  • view and pay your bill
  • check your data balance
  • activate your services
  • MYSTC App

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