Feb 24, 2014

STC transits over 3700 terabyte daily as the biggest data exchange volume in the region

STC covers all individual, business and government needs with basic services, innovative integrated solutions and value added services by consistent enhancement of its services. This gave STC the leadership position in the field and increased the volume of data and interment traffic that transits through its network where it manages more than 90% of internet and data traffic in Saudi Arabia. It transits more than 3726 terabytes daily as well as the flows of data via the huge gateways with capacities of more than 495 gigabytes. These gateways are connected to submarine cables that branch to the east and west namely SMW4, SMW3, IMW and FLAG in addition to the new intercontinental cable JADI built by the company in conjunction with its strategic partners. JADI was intended to increase the capacities and to provide stand by capacities on alternate cables. JADI was also intended to avoid affecting the customer services, when there are an external cuts. It also augmented 4G LTE coverage by 76.1% in the populated areas.

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