STC showcased its innovative FTTH service at the Chicago ITW Conference

STC recently participated in the Chicago ITW conference held in the United States of America. The company shed light on its recent growth and role in the region as a leading telecommunication company offering advanced services which are on par with, or more advanced than international technologies available. STC added value at the global forum which benefited participants from around the world. The conference also provided an opportunity for participants to interact with other telecommunications providers and share knowledge. These discussions also led to the common understanding and agreements including international mutual mobile roaming and internet agreements. Saudi Telecom Company distinguished itself at the conference by providing details of its broadband and fiber-optic technology, which is considered first and latest in the Middles East region. The participants were especially interested in STC’s plans to connect 500,000 houses with FTTH by the end of 2012, with high speeds browsing and data transfer up to (1000MB). STC has signed an agreement with Japanese company NTT for interconnection which will enable linkages between STC and NTT networks in London and Singapore. This will help to achieve global connectivity with its partners spread all over the world.

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