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STC Launches a Wholesale Service Management Center
Dec 02, 2014
Saudi Telecom Company (STC) launched a Wholesale Service Management Center (WSMC) to serve its service operators and providers throughout the world. The Center grants STC direct oversight of its international networks, including continental submarine cables, border connectivity linkages, and international points of presence. WSMC’s cutting-edge technology ensures swift, high-quality customer service to global service operators and providers. WSMC facilitates the transfer of international telephone traffic and Internet flow. It also enhances the infrastructure that restores international services in the event of disconnection, in addition to diversifying service routes and increasing availability and reliability. Talented technical experts were trained to manage the WSMC. To optimize customer experience, STC partnered with several service providers, which yielded positive outcomes on the customers who participated in the training. The center is supervised by the Wholesale Service Management Sector, which caters to KSA service providers and ensures the optimal use of STC’s top-notch infrastructure.