STC Announces the Operation of India-France Submarine Cable I ME WE

Saudi Telecom has announced that the intercontinental submarine telecommunications cable, I ME WE, is currently operational as part of the service. The cable connects the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with France and Italy, passing through Egypt and Lebanon at the west, and India and Pakistan at the east while passing through the UAE. I ME WE is a project that comes within Saudi Telecom's strategic framework of developing and extending the company's international network to satisfy the increasing demand on various telecommunications and internet services by the company's clients, in particular, and the kingdom and the region, in general. STC aims to satisfy these needs through connectivity with the rest of the world using the best technology and means of communication available worldwide. Moreover, I ME WE cable will enhance the required diversity in international means of communication and will particularly aid towards avoiding disruption of service and reducing the affects of a malfunction over the quality or connectivity of the telephone, internet and data exchange activities and services. STC realizes these needs of the modern urban life with the internet and telecommunications at its central node. It is suggested that I ME WE cable will add massive capacities amongst the kingdom, Western Europe, the Indian Subcontinent and South East Asia. I ME WE will also possibly be operational as part of other similar projects in the aim to reach the rest of the world, especially Latin America and East Asia. This will boost the company's goals in providing the infrastructure in preparation for future demand, the providing of services at the best level and standard possible, and the keeping up with the global pace of development in the fields of telecommunications and information and internet services. STC Vice President for carriers and operates management department (Wholesale), Saad Dimyati, has pointed out that Saudi Telecom will carry on its main role in projects involving submarine cables in the Middle East. Dimyati adds that the kingdom is undergoing a period of unprecedented growth in the field of data services and especially in broadband and internet services. This project involving I ME WE represents a substantial addition to the company's current projects and international means of communication. Ultimately, it will also aid towards satisfying the growing demand on the various telecommunications and internet services by the company's clients, in particular, and the kingdom and the region, in general. Finally, Dimyati conveys his gratitude to the officials at the Ministry of Defense, Military Survey, Border Forces, Municipality of Jeddah, and all other relevant authorities for their efforts towards overcoming all obstacles experienced while implementing this major project.

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