Network Coverage
WS Cable Landing Station

STC’s submarine systems are fully diversified through multiple landing stations with no single point of failure:

  • STC has two diversified beach manholes for its current submarine cable systems in Jeddah (more than 25 Km apart).
  • It also has two diversified submarine cable stations at the Al-Salamah Building and Al-Mujamah Building in Jeddah.
  • SEA ME WE 4 , IMWE , SMWE3, SAS1, SAS2, are landing in a different landing point from that used by other system, and it follows a separate physical route from the Beach Manhole all the way to a different cable station.
  • The two cable stations are linked with a self healing ring for restoration or in case of rerouting.
  • Additionally, STC has a third cable station in Al Khobar which will host GBI cable.
  • The Al Khobar station is linked to the Jeddah landing stations via STC’s extensive and redundant terrestrial network.
Jeddah Landing Station