Qitaf Business for small and medium enterprises

At STC, we believe in providing only the best experience to our customers. Every STC employee strives to work hard and dedicatedly towards ensuring that this philosophy is seamlessly implemented each day. The premise is simple. We value you!
To further strengthen the bond between you and STC, and to value your association with us, we proudly introduce our unique loyalty program - Qitaf Business. Qitaf Business is designed solely for our esteemed enterprise customers. It’s a program like no other, a first of its kind in the telecoms industry in the Kingdom, and envisioned with one objective in mind: to give you the best of rewards, both from STC and its partners. So go ahead! Indulge yourself in the best of what we have to offer and enjoy a lifestyle that so many aspire to. We thank you for your patronage and welcome you to Qitaf Business. Your world of endless rewards!
Program Features:
  • Start collecting points simply by paying your bills, where for every SR 1 paid on your bill, you will receive 1 point.
  • Redeem your collected points for a variety of STC products and services especially designed for corporate customers.
  • Redeem your collected points for a variety of electronic vouchers at STC Qitaf Business partners.
  • Incentivize and reward your employees by transferring points and letting them enjoy the world of Qitaf Business.
  • Receive welcome starter points upon enrolment in Qitaf Business .
  • Receive annual bonus points as a token of appreciation for your loyalty to Qitaf Business.
  • Receive reward points for every new service registration under the same company ID.
  • Stay updated with your point usage, as well as accrual and redemption patterns via MySTC business portal.
  • Receive an SMS or E-mail for every accrual or redemption transaction and stay updated.

Am I eligible for Qitaf Business?
  • Qitaf Business is open to all small and medium-sized companies.
  • The company must have at least one active service with STC.
  • The company must have been with STC for at least 2 months.
  • The company must not be on any fraud or unpaid debt blacklist.

How to subscribe to Qitaf Business:
To subscribe to Qitaf Business please choose one of the following channels:

How to earn points with Qitaf Business:

Earning points with a loyalty program has never been so easy. Start collecting points simply by paying your bills. For every SR 1 paid on your bill, you will receive 1 point.
How to redeem points with Qitaf Business:
You can redeem Qitaf Business points through the following ways: STC Services
  1. MySTC business portal.
  2. Customer Service Center 909.
Electronic Vouchers for Qitaf Business:
You can redeem your collected points via Electronic Vouchers at all STC Qitaf Business partners.
Terms and conditions:
  • Qitaf Business membership is renewed automatically every year unless we are notified by the admin of your company via an official cancellation request.
  • Membership will be nullified in the event of fraud or unpaid debt on the part of the customer.