Data SIM
Data SIM
Service Overview
Data SIM Card enables the transfer of data using SMS and/ or GPRS, in addition to multiple applications and services.
Service Benefits
  • High Availability
    Data SIM card enables employees and systems within a business to interact among each other anywhere at any time.
  • Increase Productivity
    Data SIM card provides businesses effectiveness and productivity in managing day to day tasks.
Data SIM Card Usability

  • Internet and intranet access
    Company employees can access their database and email from outside the office.
  • Vehicle tracking
    Companies with large fleets can track their fleet movement and monitor the condition of assets in transit.
  • Telemetry service
    The Electricity Company can take billing data from real-time transmissions of actual energy consumption data form the central billing system.
    Machines can send data about inventory for easy stock monitoring, errors can be corrected quickly and fraud detection could be improved.
  • Remote device management
    The ability to monitor, control and capture data from remote access systems.
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