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Interactive Messages

Interactive Messages

Service Overview
Interactive Messages offer a 2-way SMS communication between businesses and their customers, wherein customers can send and receive SMS messages through customized short codes assigned to each company.
Service Benefits
  • Cost Effective
    It helps lower administrative expenses when calling and communicating with the customers.
  • Content Management
    It provides the most convenient access to relevant information related to the end- users’ inquiries.
  • High Effectiveness
    It allows more efficient and effective communication with the target customer. Additionally, it allows for the development of new service delivery channels.
  • High Flexibility
    It offers a fast, flexible and accurate method to enhance the customer relationship.
Service Details
How it Works
Customers send an inquiry or service order directly per SMS using a specific short code. The company responds to the inquiry or service order directly.

Typical Users
  • Banks
  • Postal Services
  • Airlines
  • Hospitals
For more information and service requests:
  1. Order the service through Service Request Form.
  2. Activate the service through the My STC portal .
  3. Visit any of our business sales outlets.
  4. Call your account manager.
  5. Call us on 909 or +966114525750 if you’re outside the Kingdom or customer of another operator.