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Bill Split

Bill Split

Service Description
This service from STC allows companies to flexibly split their monthly mobile phone bill into two categories, personal and business, with no additional charges.
Service Benefits
  • Allocation
    Bill Split allows fair allocation of calls to either personal or corporate accounts based on their nature.
  • Monitoring And Budgeting
    Bill Split simplifies monitoring and budgeting for corporate communication spending since it provides customers with a “one bill service” that facilitates the accounting process between the company and its employees.
  • No Limitation
    Bill Split is applicable for both national and international voice calls.
Service Details
  • About Bill Split
    Bill Split identifies the type of the calls dialed by the company employees and provides total charges incurred by each call type.
  • Activation/Setup of Bill Split

    Calls can be distinguished in two ways:

    • Personal – through calling in a normal way (e.g. 0505123456).
    • Business – through calling with a prefix via entering (* and 5) before entering the number (e.g. *5 0505123456).
For more information and service requests:
  1. Order the service through Service Request Form.
  2. Activate the service through the My STC portal .
  3. Visit any of our business sales outlets.
  4. Call your account manager.
  5. Call us on 909 or +966114525750 if you’re outside the Kingdom or customer of another operator.