Location Identifying
Fleet Control service
Your company fleet is under control with the Fleet Control service
Fleet Control service provides you with the information you need to improve the day-to-day work efficiency at minimum cost. It guarantees safety, timely maintenance and high productivity of your fleet.‫‬‬
  Basic Extra Premium
Vehicle Status Information
Vehicle Activity History
Speed Alerts & Alert Notifications
Business Reports
Driver Management Tool X
Advanced Real-Time Alerts X
Safety Management X
Event Management X
Alert Management X
User Management X
Maintenance Management X
Additional Reports X X
Vehicle Sensor Support X X
Rural Area Coverage X X VAS
Dispatch X X VAS
Geo-fence 5 areas unlimited unlimited
Status Reporting 60 seconds 20-60 seconds 15 seconds
Alerts Managing

Alert management is prominent service which sends immediate alerts about your fleet in real time through SMS or email, for faster decision making.

Alerts Types:
  • Speed observation.
  • Crossing the geographic scope.
  • Vehicle condition.
  • Work times.
  • Documents alerts.
  • Maintenance alerts.
Vehicle record history:

With fleet control service you can view the history for a certain period of time with records of the situation , distance, times and location of stops, and explaining the behavior of the driver, that enables analysis for better performance.

Remotely turn on-off vehicle:

You can add turn on-off the vehicle remotely through service website or mobile phone, so the vehicle can be retrieved in case of theft or unauthorized use.

Added services:

It's no longer fleet control means the vehicle location and track only, it also includes many other services that are provided by additional accessories such as (measuring load temperature - opening and closing doors sensor - driver recognition device – weight measuring - emergency button for help .... etc), which vary depending on importance of the activity of fleet owner.

Maintenance Management:

Maintenance management is a preventive risk indicator to take action towards it such as oil change, tires, or regular maintenance… et cetera. This service helps in maintaining and enhancing fleet efficiency.

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