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Change Number Notification
Number Change Notification
The Number Change Notification Service is an automatic response service that informs the callers to your land line phone about your new phone number through an IVR message and when requested completes the call by transferring it to the new number.

This service has three options:
Direct call Transfer , Num. Notify. & call Tran , Notifying only
Service Benefits
  • Simple and practical solution to notify callers about a changed number.
  • You can get callers automatically transferred to the new number.
  • Practical and affordable service.
  • Zero installation and economically priced one time subscription fee.
Prices & Plans

For more information and service requests:
  1. Order the service through Service Request Form.
  2. Activate the service through the My STC portal .
  3. Visit any of our business sales outlets.
  4. Call your account manager.
  5. Call us on 909 or +966114525750 if you’re outside the Kingdom or customer of another operator.